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Perception Down the Rabbit Hole (Unplug Me, Now)

And I ask myself again

What does it mean to find your path?

It takes endless waves for some

But I've been shown

My own, sometimes too fast


Yet the stairs collect secrets

Discover one in each step

They'll try to conceal them

Pushing you towards a reliable fate


And what is fate?

but a reflection of life's mirror

Savor each tide

While the time's always near or


Look beyond your own direction

Acquire a new perception

A perspective with each track

Each event, conversation, epiphany,

each color

Revealed in each inflection

Is it more than a tornado of souls?

That's what some have been told

Maybe not all the time

but aren't our souls beyond the body, no?


And what are we?

If not flowing energy

Living ghosts of multiple presences

Moving hosts of an aging essence

Welcoming vessels of what's to come, or not yet?


And they try not to wake me

but I am not asleep

Simply waiting

Patience since the beginning


But detach me now

From the dream, I say

My body's ready

Soul and mind, always preparing

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