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Altar Egos

"Altar Egos is a four-piece psychedelic post-punk krautrock band from Los Angeles, combining noise, shoegaze, modern, and nostalgic elements."

Photos from The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles on April 20, 2018.

Bands that played at same show: The Mad Walls, Altar Egos, Cat Scan, Rumblepak, The Entire Universe  (DJ Set).

4/20 show. Good timing. But that isn't why I still believe Altar Egos is one of the top 5 bands I've heard & seen in these last 2 years. You have to get their new EP (April 2018) produced by Jaiq Styne.

"Altar Egos is Jaiq Styne, Brendan Snyder, Andrew Giurgiun, & Keveen Baudouin."

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