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Death Coming (I)

And here I am again, 

staring death in the face

Blessed that I can stand

Grateful, I was saved

But death is near

I hear her in the wind

Perhaps she is here

The perfect moment, she is waiting

Death Coming (II)

The journey continues

we're on the last road

I know with the moon

Now hiding in the clouds

He'll fly to a new world

A little delayed

He waited for his girl

So, together they could pray 

The angels,now singing

but reaper must bring him

Danielle Corona Photography ©
(Jerash, Jordan 2014)

About Poem:

I wrote these two poems at the hospital while sitting next to my grandfather's side in his last hours. I was the last person in the family to see him and was the only person to be there at his hour of death. I am thankful he waited for me and know he is watching over us alongside his parents. Rest in peace Juan Manuel Corona.

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