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A book of mercy

Hopes to take flight

In my life, you'll find

Darkness and light


Both of these part

of a grand mystery

For darkness also sparks

the lightness in me


I turn to the darkness

Salute with a hand

Its class I caress

With it, I never stand


I'll lay by its side,

Look over my shoulder

From it you can't hide

Like bullets from a soldier


And we are all soldiers

of our fabricated miseries

Turn your face towards the light

And bullets you won't see


They'll target your heart,

memories of the past

They'll tell you to starve

inflicting doubt and black angst

Let them hit you!

Your hearts move away

Let them hit you

in places they can stay!


Let them hit you

on your wounded calves

Your arms and legs

but not hearts or minds!


Twist them in your favor!

Let them leave scars

Then, you can savor

The glory you've tasted this far

Poem to Leonard Cohen
About Poem:
This was written after going through some of Leonard Cohen's poems one month after his passing. He will
always inspire me and I am thankful he left so much art
and beautiful messages for us to discover. Rest in peace Leonard. 
Danielle Corona Photography ©
(Pyramid Lake, Washington State 2015)
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