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Europe 2014:
Backpacking through Central & Eastern Europe

After Jordan, a trip to Budapest with two close friends.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being?


Mozart concerts, museums, chocolate cake, walks through the gardens, running through the city rain, and underground clubs.

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Schnitzel, Berlin Wall, Holocaust Museum, bike rides, techno, melting glass factories, and hostels. 

Music festivals on lakes, Feebo, "coffee" shops, a good amount of people reading books on the river, Indonesian food, and walks around the city.

Biking around Copenhagen and cinema for our last days on this trip. 

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About trip:

A backpacking trip through Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, After leaving Jordan, I met up with two of my close college friends. Yasmine from Saudi Arabia & Lebanon, and Elise from Chicago, Illinois. It ended with meeting another close friend,Ludovico from Rome, Italy. I met Ludo back home in California but had not seen her in five years.

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