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City of Angels is a Collage Documentary made up of  pieces of interviews, sound recordings and original music. The collaborators are artists, musicians, performers,to veterans that came to Los Angeles pursuing their art and dreams. They come from different cultures and backgrounds.      

Most of them were living in the same artist house in South Central Los Angeles.
At this time, the United States 2016 presidential election was coming to its end. This is what came out...

Original Music By:
Artist:The Mad Walls (Opening Credits)
Song: Waiting for Tomorrow
Label: Birth Records
Kaleo Kohlson, Levitation Room, Christopher Mercado & Noah Martinez
LunaFel, Aaron Wing, Cristian Paul (Guadalajara, Mexico)


Julian Porte Story (Short Clip)

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This clip was taken from a movie titled " A Casual Conversation" on music, and activism through the arts. (Audio was made first, then visuals added as a puzzle. Sorry for the bad quality, our computer crashed halfway through editing this so we only have this clip).


Used clips: "Crystal Ball" by Alfredo Lopez, Film Editing by Danielle Corona

Beginnning song at minute 1:RXDIO & Mousai Nine of Kalliope Records.

This short video is an excerpt from the inspiring story of Julian Porte from the band "Levitation Room."  The audio is part of the "Everydaze Series" telling the stories of East Los Angeles musicians reviving a Pyschedelic rock music scene.

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