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Jaysus Cries

Episode 1

What would the made up incarnation of Jesus Christ do these days?

Don't know but Jaysus Cries, would cry about the recent tax bill, Trump's tweets, and Trump's lies to the American people.


The video above is my first non-edited version of the first episode for "Jaysus Cries" to show the people in my sphere what ideas I am thinking of before I get more serious with background,content, writing, effects, etc . I apologize that I couldn't even reverse the video (new computer, figuring out this software download). If you happen to run into this, I hope you enjoy! Crazy times we are living, so hopefully I can bring some positivity to this mad world by laughing at myself.


Un-edited script:


Hello there,my name is Jaysus Cries. As you can tell, my name sounds like Jesus Christ. But my name is Jaysus Cries. I chose this name for myself because I am the made up incarnation of Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus would have cried now in these times with how we treat each other, so that explains the name, Jaysus Cries. Moving forward, I will talk about and refer to current events, The Bible, and other random things in our society, to talk about how Jaysus Cries feels about the present. You know, over here, our little Jesus. So, let's begin.


First of all, happy holidays! Happy New Year And Merry Christmas (for all the people that still believe in me). It's okay if you don't and it’s okay if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”. People saying Trump “brought back Christmas” or “Christmas was assaulted…#glad we have a president that believes in Christmas now. Christmas didn’t go anywhere. I am still here, still born. But again, it’s okay if you don’t celebrate Christmas. I never wanted to force anyone to believe in me. Hopefully, they believe in my Father someway (mother nature, the spirit, the universe) whatever you want to call it, hopefully, Inshallah you believe in something or at least treat each other good.
















So,let's start with this week. Ho-ho-ho! Or happy birthday to ME! Happy birthday to me. And because it was my birthday, what was going on my birthday between Bernie Sanders and Trump?!They were still working on Christmas. And you know that is fine if you are helping your fellow neighbor, family,solving world peace or something like that but but Twitter Wars?! Really guys?! Twitter Wars??? What has this world come to!? Why can't we speak to each other in person, write a letter, or at least call each other on a phone?! Like "Hey! Trump. Why did you just decide to make your family and the wealthiest people more wealthy?! “ And you do this as inequality is at its worst!? La, la, la" So that would be a good question to NOT ASK ON TWITTER, Bernie, but I also get it, you want everyone to see it and people only have a short attention span now so Twitter seems convenient. but I am allowed to complain because it was my birthday, so, really guys, twitter, twitter?!

Oh, I got a tweet hehe [guilty]. Hey guys, leave me alone, it is birthday (or it was my birthday yesterday, I mean a few days ago, hey, we are still in the same week) so I can complain about twitter and yet receive tweets at the same time. Tweet. Okay, how do I do this. Ahh I forgot I told Stephen Colbert I would retweet him. Give me one second. Okay, yala, on to my next complaint.


So, what is up with that tax bill they passed this week? Supposedly it is a gift to us" the people," (I know I am from the land of Palestine but I consider myself American too okay, GLOBAL CITIZEN, YES. Yes, Netanyahu you schmuck, I was born in Philistine, Palestine, not Israel) Anyway, a gift to the people, a gift?! Maybe a gift to wipe my ass because it won't help my family in the long run. Yes, wipe my ass, my donkey, you know like the one my papa Jose carried my mother Maria to have me on my birth date. So, yes, wipe my furry ass with that tax bill. Did you know, according to economy specialists, this tax bill, oh yeah, also called the " Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" when it will really benefit corporations in the long run. Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and most Republicans in Congress have said this bill is a gift to the "American people."


So, here is lie number one. And because I am Jaysus Cries, I have to point it out because my Father would not like any lies. The "American people," HA, that means you would be talking about the majority of the people of this nation. Well, McConnel, Trump, Paul Ryan and the rest of the dark site commanders (yes dark “site” not “dark side” so I don’t get in trouble with Lucasfilm), 45 million people in the "American" nation live below the poverty line, while the middle class keeps shrinking This bill isn't going to benefit them, therefore, it won't benefit the "American people" just the top 1% whose wealth, according to The Guardian, went up by 23% this year. So, as the commandment says, thou shall not bear false witness. And, again, dark side, you have been saying this would benefit everyone, thus that is a lie!!! My Father would not be proud, and here, Jaysus Cries (Cries).








Well, one thing you can fix now until the forces of good reverse the evil you have brought to this nation, is at least change the name of the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" to something like "didn't we go through this already with Reagan and Bush and didn't this screw up the economy and only bring a bigger separation between the wealthy and poor? Hashtag history repeats itself bill" (ok maybe we can cut it a little). Anyway I just want to wish everyone a good year. Keep spreading good, keep praying, we need it now than ever (especially now that Sinclair has been allowed to expand and spread its harsh right wing monopoly across the nation thanks to Trump too...hmmm, that Trump, you should talk to me more instead of going with your Murdoch and Fox friends). Anyways, I know this year will be better inshallah, I am supposed to be coming soon? So, I'll just keep an eye out over here and if anyone needs me, just call me or tweet me, whatever works for you (but not on my birthday). Happy new year! Keep praying, as I will keep praying for you know love, hope, faith, world peace (aka Trump cabinet's impeachment ). Hehe happy new year! See you next time!

Song Credit: "#9 Dream" by John Lennon

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