Jaysus Cries

Episode 1: Happy New Year!

What would the made up incarnation of Jesus Christ do these days?

Don't know but Jaysus Cries, would cry.

Jaysus Cries is a made up incarnation of Jesus Christ, now crying on the new tax bill, Trump's tweets, and wishing everyone a better 2018!


Jaysus in his first episode. Follow his social media at the bottom of the page! Peace.

Episode 2: Special Guest Wonderwhuman

Here, Jaysus talks about immigration, ICE, "fake news," Fox News, Joe Arpaio, Tomi Lahren, John Kelly.


   Upcoming guests on Jaysus' web series:   

"Ossy Osbourn"


"John Lennan"




Polar bear (trying to survive in the melting arctic)

Episode 3: Crying about "Justice " Brett Kavanaugh

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