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Danielle Corona - "Windy City Blues"

Rookie tune & poem with video made by housemates for fun. Made when this human started testing out the vocal cords. Left here for Andy's amazing editing and to see the first chapter of a trying to find the voice.... Video by Andy Schwartz. 


About: In 2016, I visited Chicago for a Theatre conference. A day before leaving, my grandfather passed away and I almost didn't go to Chicago. My grandmother encouraged me to go because my grandfather wouldn't have wanted me to miss the opportunity. I wrote this poem in Chicago on the metro after randomly hanging out with Guitar Shorty's band (Jimi Hendrix's brother-in-law) on my birthday at Buddy Guy's blues bar. I recorded the audio inside of my totaled car, Princess Leia, whom we used as a sound booth. Audio is still in first draft, but we wanted to complete a video before I was to move to Northern California.

Video production by Kess Schwartz. Guitar by Christian Rodriguez (George Solis' Kalliope Records).

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